classes downtown, confused about transportation

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classes downtown, confused about transportation

Post by Jazzy on Mon Apr 02, 2012 8:06 pm

I was downtown with my classmates. It was sort of set up like we had lecture downtown, but the room set up was similar. During our break in between classes, I remember walking into the lecture hall from the back and talking with a small group of people because they needed help with homework questions. My homework answers were pretty much right so I helped them out. I think I basically gave them the answers, but I was trying to teach it to them along the way to make sure they understood. Break was almost up, so I went back to my seat in the front. The small group of people I was helping out was still in the back, and my professor asked them from the front of the lecture what were they doing and that she hoped they werenít cheating together back there. Soon class ended for the day, but for some reason we still stayed in the lecture room. There was a small room in front of the class and some people I knew were in there. They were just talking, so I came out and intermingled with other people who were in the front of the room. Another professor (actually one of my professors from my undergrad) came to prepare for her lecture. We asked if we should leave but she didnít say anything. As soon as the clock struck on the hour, the room dimmed and she began her lecture. She started off with a picture of a process and described it and wanted us to tell her what it was. I yelled out, ďrecombination!Ē She said correct (itís unusual for me to yell out answers using so much force behind it). Soon her lecture ended, and I checked the small room that was in the front. The people left, but one of the girls left behind what looked like charms she was selling for bracelets. She sold one out of a packet because I saw 4 left in the packet with a space for one more and a $10 bill near it. I just thought geez, anyone could have taken that easily, she needs to be more responsible and keep up with her things. As I turned around to leave, I saw she also left her bag. So I thought maybe sheíd come back. Someone else entered the room at this time, I donít remember what happened.

As I left the lecture hall, I went into the commons area and I saw my friend I rode with (we actually sit next to each other in class). I asked her if she remembered where I parked and she pointed me right across the street to where my bicycle was that was parked in between cars. I said oh yeah as if I recalled it. In the meantime, people intermingled and ate little hors d'oeuvres that were there. But before I was about to leave, one of my classmates fell flat out on her back. She was shaking and moaning as if she was having a seizure or something. After it seized, she just laid there. I thought someone would attend to her, but nobody did. So I went back over to see if she was okay and I checked her pulse. I told everyone she was okay and to give her a minute. Eventually she got up and hurried to her car because she was so embarrassed. I went to her car, knocked on her window and asked if she was okay. She didnít say anything at first, but then she said she has some type of cancer where she has out of body experiences? But I pondered upon how could that be a form cancer. I didnít know what to say, so I asked her if she read bible scriptures and if she prayed today. She was about to say something, but one of her passengers entered her car (actually the passenger was a girl from my high school and these two definitely donít know each other). I was waiting to see if she would answer my question although her friend entered, but the friend was steadily running her mouth about something. I decided to go. I went to parking lot to get on my bicycle, and my friend that rode with me was going to ride on back with me. I wondered why did I ride my bike all the way here and how did we do this. I thought I drove my car though. I ended up catching an RV back home with friends and I figured Iíd get my bike and car later wherever it was. Somehow we got to the topic of my car and me realizing it was towed. One of my classmates that was on the RV with me checked her facebook or twitter using her phone and told me that the guy who usually does the towing left a key or tool at home and was unable to tow cars today. So my car was actually safe. I was so relieved because I didnít want to pay $100 to get it out, but I knew I had to get it the next day.

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