Three Prophets

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Three Prophets

Post by mjtorrence on Sun Apr 01, 2012 4:00 pm

Three Prophets who were black were praying in my church around the inside of the walls of the church I was wearing a white suit and carrying a book bag as they were praying I tiptoed out to the other side to get a drink of water I filled up my glass with ice and water and tiptoed back to where the Prophets where as not to be seen by the Pastor nor his wife yet the Pastor's wife was sitting at a table she didnt see me when I returned the three Prophets were done praying and they were talking to one of the ladies that attends the church I attend and I started telling them about the dream I had about them praying and the lady started taking her fingenails and scratching the table as if she didnt want to hear what I had to say yet the one Prophet listened and stated that he knew I was a seer and that God gave me dreams and that there was something about me and he asked me to go and get him a glass of water Scratch Chin
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