Dream about survival when famine comes to the U.S.

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Dream about survival when famine comes to the U.S.

Post by steadygaze on Sun Apr 01, 2012 9:05 am

Hello precious ones.

I cannot begin to tell you the countless dreams I had last night alone let alone this past week of all the dreams I am getting about what is coming and I am effected by it in the dreams


I lived on like a River Front with some other girls we were forced to move in together to be able to live and protect each other. We did not really know each other but we were trying to survive because there was a shortage of food. The house was like a long hallway but wide and the other two girls had the front part and I had the back part. One day I had woke up with like burning patched on my face along with bumps like a rash and it was spread all over my face. I was like how could these just appear on my face like solar burns. The gals and I were hungry and knew people in the neighborhood were stealing other peoples food robing people blind. I was concerned we would not have enough to survive and my roommates left to go somewhere. I think I was praying or something and I decided to take a walk and when I arrived on the back porch there were these two huge crates full of blueberry's and I think the other one had apples. I was like where did these come from? I was excited because I knew we could live off it for awhile and I thanked the Lord, then I walked out the back door and I stopped and, I thought to myself I better lock the back door to make sure no one stole our food.. Then I went on my walk along the River. When I returned, I came into the house and I heard the girls I lived with wrestling on the front porch I was like what the heck is going on and as I am hearing them I look in the mirror and all the burn bumps turn into like burn blisters that had popped and I was just real upset how these were going to scar me. Then I open the door and one girl was on the grass laughing and I looked at her face and I was like oh no! You have those burn bumps too and I thought how could this spread like this? The next thing I know I am at my friends house and she and her husband have a farm and they have beef and they had sheared their meat with me if I helped them work on their farm. So my friend and I were herding the cattle in the stall and I saw a small animal go after one of the cows or lambs I cannot remember, and I tried to go after it and I chased it away, but then it came back. I was working with my fend to mend one of her fences to keep the animals in and I was trying to get to it but it was to late and my friend Marie said, let it go Jeanie they are hungry too.
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