The Italian Restaurant

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The Italian Restaurant

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sun Apr 01, 2012 8:18 am

Good Morning, All -

In this dream, I was in this Italian restaurant. I knew who the owner was, but she was not present. I was sitting at a small table, and there were two (I think) "vessels" of food. They were very oddly shaped. I remember that one of them had a type of pasta in it, and the vessel itself was this long, narrow, shallow "trough" - still small enough to sit on this table, though. While I had the food at my table, I hadn't begun to eat any of it.

There were a few employees running around trying to keep up with the needs of the customers. I heard one of the cooks speaking to a server, telling him that she "needed more parmesan...NOW." I looked behind me, and I saw a couple sitting at a table waiting for their food. Aware that I hadn't touched my own, I told them to have my table. They seemed alright with that, and I got up and left them. At this point, I was aware that I had joined the staff and was ready to help them "get caught up."

Finally, as I walked down a hallway, I encountered an old coworker/friend. She hugged me and I told her that we were really busy here. She told me that she knew, and that it was really hurting their business. By "their," she meant the company she worked for, not her own personal business or anything. She did not actually care, as she was not personally affected by our efforts.

Any thoughts?

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