Lost Love, Camera Dream

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Lost Love, Camera Dream

Post by gapeachntn on Sun Apr 01, 2012 7:04 am

Just this morning I dreamed that I was in this big store or even a mall, and this man that I was told would be my husband and who I believed would be my husband in my waking life was there. I knew he was coming and I was really nervous because of how things were left between us in my waking life. I anticipated seeing him but I was not going to go find him to talk to him. Out of no where these two guys who were very nice and helpful and they seem to have a hard time speaking and they looked human but their faces were a little odd. I thought they were mentally delayed or something. They came to me and I was walking with one and as I was walking with one of them, this couple came walking pass and the man had on yellow. The man who had on yellow looked like a thug and the guy walking with me said something about how much yellow the guy had on like he was teasing. I was hoping the guy didn't hear him tease about the yellow he had on becaues I was nervous that he would try to beat us up or something. After this, the other guy who seem to have a hard time speaking approached me and told me that the gentleman I thought I would marry was there and he was trying to get us to talk and was trying to make me not be so nervous about seeing him. We were walking behind this man and the guy with me yelled his name so he stopped and walked back to me. He saw me and immediately gave me a big hug. As he hugged me, he whispered to me that I needed to have faith about these things. Then we walked over a few feet and someone was there to take our picture. He held me very close from behind and as he was doing so, for a few seconds, there was this little mirror there and I could see my reflection but only me and it was a little blurry. I didn't seem as happy as this man. I was more concerned or scared or nervous. I don't know. As we were taking pictures, a woman came over with her camera and took the photo as well. This is when I woke up. I felt happy when I woke up but didn't understand completely what this dream meant. Please give me your thoughts?

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