Government listened to privet converstation so had to meet in a Catholic church

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Government listened to privet converstation so had to meet in a Catholic church

Post by steadygaze on Sat Mar 31, 2012 8:45 am

Hello Beloved ones of the almighty and all powerful king. Here I am again submitting yet another dream.


I was with my cousin and we were trying to talk in privet about things with out the government listening in. For what ever reason our homes were not safe and the streets were not safe it was like the government had microphones everywhere. So we went into a church and we sat on one of the church pews and began to talk but then someone came up and said we were not aloud to talk there. To us it seemed like the church would be a perfect and safest places to talk without being heard by the government through hidden microphones. Also there were other things going on in the church there was allot chaos going on around in this church so we left. Other churches fallowed suit and they were not safe.Then we decide to go to a Catholic church to talk and so we get there we find like what looks like a theater seat and sit down and looked around and no one else was there and we were able to talk in privet. Then it was like I was standing in the back of the room watching us talk and I could see the back of our heads.

That was interesting to be able to see myself and my cousin talk. lol What the heck does that mean anyone know?

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