I am wondering if two dreams are the same but a different meaning.

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I am wondering if two dreams are the same but a different meaning.

Post by hisbeauty4ashes on Wed Dec 10, 2008 9:33 am

Hi I have been pondering some things lately. I have had two dreams thinking they are meaning about the prophets and the spiritual Fathers. The more I read about the Us and what we are going through I am wondering can these dreams mean something about our Nation. I will put both dreams on here and explain what I mean. Sorry this will be a long post. But often when we dream we see in part until the holy spirit enlightens us. Often I can dream of something and associate it with my limited understanding of what I know. Our Beloved knows that. I have been bringing this before him and pondering how one little thing I may miss understand in a dream or alter through my limited understanding can change the course of the dream and its interpretation.

Dream 1

I was at my spiritual moms house and her husband was real moody and out of sorts. He is like a spiritual Father figure in my life IRL. I ask my spiritual mom what is wrong with him he had been acting emotional and moody and she tells me he is bleeding in his privet area almost like a women having a period. I was like what I think that is strange. Well then I go over to my other mentors house who is also like a spiritual mom and her husband is like a father figure in my life IRL. My other spiritual mother was not home, and Gary is acting strange as well and not himself. I ask him if he is okay and he says to me with a real sad and tragic look on his face as if there was no cure, that he too was bleeding from his privet parts. I say that is interesting because Jeff is too. I think to myself what is going on?

Dream 2

I was taken by an Angel of the Lord into a room in heaven that looked like a Vets Hospital room. The room was long in size and all the beds had pure white sheets on them and they were all in a row down the narrow room. As the angel of the Lord walked me down the narrow room I saw all these sick people who had a disease in their body's or some type of sickness or were going through physical issues. I looked at one bed and I saw myself laying in one of the beds. I was taken back and I said in my mind I have been here in this room before and I have been taken here before. The Angel kept taking me down the room to see all the people who were dying in one form or another. They were people my age or older. My heart was gripped with pain as I saw these people lying in their beds so sick and dying. As we came to the end of the room. The Angel turns to me to look at me and he was so lite up that is was hard for me to look at him and with concern in his voice and a deep urgency,He takes my hand and says in a very gentle and warm tender voice with authority," You need to save the Eagles."

In the first dream I thought wow! This has to do with our spiritual fathers in the faith and how they are pouring them selves out by doing to much etc. Then as I pondered it more I thought maybe the Lord is speaking of our four fathers and how they poured their blood out for us in bringing the constitution into being, and now it is being rewritten and no longer holds its value in our nation.

In the second dream the eagles could represent the Us and the state it is in. It could represent our government leadership that is sick and full of sin and corruption.

The bottom line is the Holy spirit knows what he is revealing and it is up to me to find what is he really saying in these dreams. We so need each other because often we see in part and our brother or sister may have the other part. I know I need you to help me in interpreting my dreams and the holy Spirit is the ultimate revelator.

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Re: I am wondering if two dreams are the same but a different meaning.

Post by afterhisheart on Wed Dec 10, 2008 3:14 pm

WOW Beauty! As soon as i read the second to last paragraph about the US (I didn't get it at first because Us and US)...a felt a quickening in my spirit of confirmation on this. I think you are absolutely right on! I am going back to read again with this new shed light. Thank you Jesus!!! :PTL:
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