Obama Antichrist Dreams

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Obama Antichrist Dreams

Post by dem on Fri Mar 30, 2012 9:40 am

Just wondering if anyone has had dreams about Obama being the antichrist. I've had a few dreams about Obama, and none have been good. If anyone has had Obama antichrist dreams please let me know! Thanks!

I dreamt that I was watching TV, and found out Obama was the antichrist. Pres. Obama’s personality had changed. He became more bold and sinister, and did whatever he wanted, and did not care about what others thought. He knew who he was, and had the power to do what he wanted. He even looked different. His countenance was sinister and evil looking. He had this evil smirk on his face. He stated that he was going to accomplish his mission before his term was over (2012). He stated that all children will be vaccinated, and those who are sick and dieing will not get treatment. He said, ‘the dieing will die, and the living will live.” The very elderly would also have their insurance taken away. I couldn’t believe that he was doing this, and forcing a vaccine without any explanation. There was no disease outbreak of any kind. I knew that he was doing this to decrease the population. The vaccine was designed to kill off everyone who received it. In fact, if a parent refused to allow their child to be vaccinated, the child would be taken from them and vaccinated, and they also would be vaccinated. I knew I had to flee. I was warning my family about it, and no one believed me. They thought I was being a crazy conspiracy theorist. I told them I saw the president’s message and heard what he said. They couldn’t believe he would do something like that. I was walking through town and this mighty wind began blowing. It was so strong it moved me, almost like it was pushing me. I felt like the wind was following me, and that I was the cause of this wind blowing. This woman approached me who claimed to be a prophet of God looking at me in either amazement or fear. She had a shocked look on her face. She told me I was the cause of the strong gusting winds, and she quoted a scripture, but I don’t remember it. I thought she was crazy, so I didn’t pay her any mind. I later checked out the verse in the bible, and found out that what she was saying was true. I think the verse had to do with the end times. I got home and went into my bedroom, it wasn’t my bedroom in real life, it may have been my aunt’s. I was packing my things to flee from Obama’s vaccination plan. I was looking for my cell phone and I found it, but the backing of it was off. I thought, I don’t have time to look for it as long as I have the battery in there it’s fine. I didn’t want to wake up my babies, but I knew I had to get them. I planned on taking them and driving around in the car until the LORD told me where to go. In the dream I saw vice president Biden being constantly teased by a colleage about him being weak. Biden did not act like himself. He was very timid and soft spoken. I could see that he was getting angry and tired of being teased, and wanted to prove that he was strong, and a leader.

I dreamt that I had a vision that and I was spiritually at this party in honor of Obama. I was an outsider observing everything, and no one could see me. On the stage were three men who were Obama’s relatives. Each one would have a microphone and say Obama and something else, and the crowd on the dance floor would repeat it. One of the men after saying Obama, said in a singing voice“ and soon…and soon… and soon there’ll be executions, and the crowd repeated it! I thought this guy must have had too many drinks to even say that out loud. I was walking around on the dance floor stunned that no one realized what he said. I think I may have asked people if they heard what he just said, forgetting that no one could see me. Everyone was dancing and having a good time. Afterwards, I was on the second floor of a mall and I sat down to write down my dream. There was a young man sitting next to me filling out an application. I kept trying to find a comfortable way to position the notebook because there was no flat surface to put it on, and I didn’t want the guy next to me to see what I was writing. I could tell the guy was attracted to me and wanted to get my attention. I was hoping he wouldn’t bother me. I just wanted to write down the dream.

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