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I had a love relationship with a handsome executive/CEO of a large company, where we both worked. He was such an important man-made all the decisions. He was handsome, tall, & well dressed in a suit (looked like Romney). I wondered to myself how long it would last. He was so attentive. We were walking hand-in-hand together down the street.
Next scene - we were in a car; I was in the driver’s seat & he in the passenger seat. We were reminiscing about old songwriters as we would mention their names such as: Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, and others. There was a little white dog outside of the car that had followed us. I said to him, ”should I bring the dog in the car?” He agreed. When I got out of the car to get the dog, he had poop on him & I had to remove it. Luckily there was some paper nearby.
Next scene - we were at the office and I was going to the lady’s room. As I passed by him, I gave him a kiss. When I got to the lady’s room there were several women in that small space and they were discussing the death of some girl who was in the car with her husband, and a man on a horse came and killed her by throwing a spear through her.

Next scene – He, (the Executive) was discussing how the food served within the company could be changed for the better.

Next scene – He wanted a cup of coffee, and I prepared the cup for him, but I put too much milk in it because I had my mind on other things. He just smiled and said something and made light of it. Somehow, there was a cake before us and we were trying to remove the milk on top of it, which seemed at this point to be the consistency of frosting.

He was always smiling and so kind.

This is one of those dreams I didn’t want to wake up from. I know the man represents Jesus. The relationship gave me such a wonderful feeling.

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