Wondered if I should fast...

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Wondered if I should fast...

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Tue Mar 27, 2012 10:51 am

I just wanted to share a little something that God provided to clear up a question I had been dealing with.

First off, I picked up my niece from school, yesterday, and on our way to my mother's house she brought up Fasting. Apparently, she learned a few non-spiritual things about it from something that they read at school. It was a short, unexpected conversation, but I didn't really think much more about it until later that night.

I never pick my niece up from school. I just happened to be off of work this week and it was an opportunity that I was able to take, so I did. Well, once I returned to my own home later that night, our Fasting conversation came back to mind. I kept thinking about it so much that I began to wonder if I was being told to fast. I didn't really have any reason to, and I didn't know how long or to what extent. Still, I went to bed thinking that if God was telling me to do so, I would...

Well, I had a dream where a lot of different things were going on (I won't share them all), but at one point I was looking at a corkboard where you'd hang up notices and such, and there were these tacks in it. In the dream, I was aware that I could eat them. The plastic part of the tack was edible, and would be like candy or chocolate. I also knew that the pin part (the metal) was not. So, if I chose to eat the tack, I'd have that metal piece floating around in me for a while...

When I woke up, I had an appointment to deal with right away, so I scribbled down some quick phrases so that I wouldn't forget the dream for when I would write it out in full later on. For the scene that I shared, I wrote down "Eating a tack." As soon as I wrote that, I was overwhelmed and just sat their stunned. Reading it to myself, I felt that it was "Eating Attack." At that moment, I realized that I was not being called to fast. Just as in the dream, I could very well go through it, but it really wasn't necessary. And, I'd likely be more focused on the unpleasant feeling of the fast (the metal pin).

With that, I ate breakfast without conviction. :)


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Re: Wondered if I should fast...

Post by lola21st on Tue Mar 27, 2012 10:54 am

LOL, too funny! I love the way God speaks to us!


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