Wolves Again????

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Wolves Again????

Post by JoJo on Tue Mar 27, 2012 9:41 am

Hi Everyone.

I just learned something today and I wanted to share it with you. I am quite concerned about it.

My SIL called me today.

She said that on Sunday, when she went down in prayer to pray about another matter, she saw a greyish wolf. She said that she asked the Lord about the wolf. She did not get an answer.

The following day, she went to two new client homes, back-to-back, and they both were filled with wolf paraphernalia. That evening, there was a blurb on Planet Earth, discussing wolves, and how particular breeds can go without food for several weeks but once they are hungry, they are ravenous. She said that while watching the show, she was a little freaked out because she thought of me and my wolf dream.

That night, (last night), she dreamt that it was night. She asked why it was so dark...(it seemed darker than usual). The scene was at my parent's house. She was inside the house with my neice and her husband, my brother. She saw a pack of wolves, about 8 or 9 of them directly outside in front of the house. She said they were pale, fleshy-coloured. They wanted to get in. A sick-looking one was at the side door. She said that my other brother, Peter, just came home---IRL he usually comes through the side door. She said that she thinks he noticed the wolves but must have walked around the sick-looking wolf and come in the house. Once inside, in the same area as my SIL, neice and brother, Peter asks, "Where's Jo?" My SIL said there was a sense of panic. The dream ended.

I know this is not a good dream and I know that this is a call to pray earnestly. Can anyone add any of their thoughts or provide a Godly interpretation?

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