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Four Dreams 3/25/12

Dream #1
A man of Middle Eastern origin was in our midst, & we were not sure we could trust him, even though he claimed not to be a threat. My thoughts: I think the man represented Jesus, & He is telling me I am not trusting Him the way I should.
Dream #2
I was sitting at a table with others waiting to be served dinner, but strands of Dotís gray hair were near my white plate(there may have been some hair on the edge of my plate also - not sure) & I pushed the hair away. Then I got up to wash my hands after touching the hair.
Dream #3
I was going to go horseback riding with another. The lady that was going to guide us on the trail took us to pick our horses. She started to mount a dog for me, and I said ďnoĒ (I was afraid I would be too much weight for him). The lady said something like she chose him, because she didnít think I had ridden before. I told her I have ridden before, and she mentioned a particular horse for me. I remember thinking: I hope the horse is not too wild for me. I saw the horse and she was a beautiful mare.
Dream #4 (In this dream I was an onlooker only.)
I saw a congested a highway with vehicles. In one vehicle someone with a gun, shot someone in another vehicle as they passed by it (a drive-by shooting). However, one of the men in the vehicle that was being shot at had a rifle. I see him out of the vehicle aiming at the car where the shots came from.

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