Carrying a heavy steering wheel

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Carrying a heavy steering wheel

Post by yyoung09 on Sat Mar 24, 2012 5:14 pm

Hello Sister and Brothers in Christ!

I would like to ask your help in interpreting this dream, I am praying to God for revelation. I have a serie of 3 dream.

1- I dream that I was in this train, I dont know if it was moving. I could see that there was a line of people inside and we were moving forward. we were holding on to the reils like one step at a time. I saw that I was holding in my hands my car's steering wheel and it was heavy! I mean I felt it it was very heavy, it was like I had trouble moving forward but I manage and I would move another step. there one person on my right side that would tell me to lean on the wall of the train, and I would tell him no thank you I can do it. then in front of me there was my kids youth leader smiling and I moved forward with this heavy thing and I fell flat forwar on her and she fell flat on her face, in the same way we got up and I was embarrased and said sorry and she told me smiling that it was ok. end.

2- I dream that I was in a house that I dont know and my parent were there ( my father past away 5 years ago) and other people I knew and some I didnt, some were from my church. the thing is I went and got a very simple white dress that was for my wedding, it was a sparkling white dress, i think it was very cheap. and other girl got one for her too. I got marry to one guy, I dont kown who is , neither saw the ceremony. but I saw the other girl getting married. My parents did not know that I had gotten married, and I did not tell them either. and I thought that I could sleep with him know because we were now married. End.
3- one more dream was that I was pulling out my gray hairs out, which are not that many , but still:-)

What do you think? I will keep praying to God for revelation.
God bless You

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