Fortress cannot keep the gorillas out!!

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Fortress cannot keep the gorillas out!!

Post by hind'sfeet on Wed Mar 21, 2012 10:02 am

I was in this huge fortress made of old brick. the large room I was in was dark except for the light coming in from the huge window. I was at the huge window looking out at a dry river way between the fortress buildings. It wasn't like a "dry" river bed though because the ground was covered in green grass. I asked someone about when would the river flow in, because there had been a drought. I also asked if the river would bust through the windows or would the windows hold. I didn't get a reply. Then I saw the river start to rush in with white rolling head waters.
There was a fear in the room, a waiting. There were gorillas that were coming. They seemed to be connected to the arrival of the river. I don't know what the gorillas wanted but I saw them coming, through the window. These gorillas had human intelligence and could speak (I have not seen the planet of the apes recently). I rushed to a door and opened it and closed and locked it. It was a bright corner bedroom with windows on the outside walls.
There was a girl with me then. I knew the gorillas could smell us and we had to go to another room. There was a door in the room we were in and I opened that door, closed and locked it and then there was another door behind it (like in hotel rooms where one room leads to another and there are 2 sets of doors), I closed that door and locked it. It was darker in that room but I didn't feel safe. I just needed to buy some time to escape the gorillas. I went to the windows and was trying to figure out how to open them, they were weird. I think I either broke one or opened it and the girl and I climbed out. There were a couple young men that had this motor bike contraption with a cart for hauling stuff, they had been driving through the field behind the fortress' bedrooms we were in. They picked us up and drove up to the street, we were in a city. Some lady recognized us but I partly felt that I didn't trust her, that she could be with the gorillas. She took us to this fancy office building and we went in. It was fancy inside as well. She took us to a jeweler to buy the girl a gem. The jeweler sat behind his desk and was looking at a peach colored, cut, gem stone and a silver coin the woman had given him to purchase it. The man was trying to figure out how much the coin was worth and decided it wasn't enough to buy the gem. We left with the lady and she said we would go somewhere less expensive.

The dream continued onto something else that I don't remember well enough to add it.
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