A Classroom Movie Date?

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A Classroom Movie Date?

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Tue Mar 20, 2012 11:38 am

Hello, All -

A little background:

Before I went to bed last night, I looked up a former retail coworker on Facebook. We're not friends, there. In real life, she's older than I am - significant enough, but not enough to be a parent, you know? Like that in-between generation. She was a former manager who dropped down to hourly while she went to school, and is not self-employed. I had just entered management when our paths crossed. Not only that, but we had very opposite personalities, except that we were both pretty hard workers. She was abrasive and confrontational, and I was all about keeping things cool - although, the fault in that is that it doesn't provide resolution at times. She and I had quite a few clashes, but we were very successful together. Together, our department had double-digit percent increases in sales for every year we were over that area. Our little town jumped up to 6th in the chain. Not trying to brag too much, but it is a great story, and we turned a ho-hum neglected area into a powerhouse for our store. ANYWAYS, there's some background on this person.

In the dream, I was going with her to see a movie. It may have been that I asked her to go with me. The atmosphere was a little uncomfortable, but I can't explain why. A lot of my family was at this place as well. It wasn't really a movie theater - more like a large room with movie theater-type chairs, all in rows. Yet, like a classroom, in a way? I remember sitting down, but I don't think she sat down right away. When she did, I don't think she sat with me, more like a row or so behind me. This whole part of the dream just seemed like things weren't going the way you'd expect them to in your mind. I think I got up and spoke to her about the overall event, but I don't know what I said or how she responded.

Not a whole lot of definites, here. Still, any thoughts are appreciated.

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