Alfred Hitchcock, a yellow school bus, a tiger and Kentucky Fried Chicken

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Alfred Hitchcock, a yellow school bus, a tiger and Kentucky Fried Chicken

Post by JoJo on Tue Mar 20, 2012 9:12 am

Hi Everyone.

I had this dream last Friday. I think I may know what it refers to, at least partially, but I wanted to get some of your thoughts about it.

I dreamt of an ex-boyfriend (never dreamed of him before since we were together, not together for 12 years) IRL - (was not a Christian initially, became one by getting baptized, no depth to his confession, left church within 6 months, found out later, becoming Christian was for me---great relationship initially but then he became possessive and violent in the end)

Beginning of the dream I saw a scene, lots of people, lots of streamers, pink and white, all over the place, confetti, inside a building. I don't recognize the building nor the people. The people were celebrating something, not sure what really, but Alfred Hitchcock's name was mentioned, parody of it, if that makes sense???? (Alfred Hitchtock,????).

The celebration seemed like a throwback to him, a celebration of his films, horror???

Next scene, I see my ex-boyfriend taking me somewhere in a big yellow school bus, like on a date. We were in the city. The city seemed to be celebrating something, unsure what it was. There was a lot of activity around, at least it felt like it. It was night time.

He was taking me to Kentucky Fried Chicken. While on the way, we stopped at a park. I got out. I had to get some papers. I don't know where and I don't know why.
When I came back to the park where he and the bus are, I see that he is standing by the bus and he has a big cat on a leash, unsure if it was a leopard or tiger. He was petting it. I froze as I walked closer to the bus. He was smiling at me. I said to him, "What is that in your hand?" He says "It's just a leopard/tiger, but its okay, he's tame." He's still smiling, petting the cat. I say to him, almost yelling now, "You know I don't like those things, I'm scared of them! I can't believe this!" He then says nonchalantly, "Well there's a lion behind you and there's a bear somewhere over there so you better get back on the bus! He pointed over the bus, beyond it.
I quickly walked to the bus, with the papers in my hand, trying to avoid the leopard/tiger. At one point, he playfully almost set the cat on me as a joke and smiled as he did it. I was angry and got on the bus. He got on the bus, without the animal. I then said to him angrily, "I can't believe you didn't remember I was scared of those things!" He responded, " How was I supposed to remember that?"

I recall before leaving the park that I noticed Mike's hand and a pink pouch. There was something he was getting from it. He was sitting in one of the bus seats, near to the front, while he was fiddling with it.

At first, I thought we were the only 2 people on the bus (him and I), but now that I think about it, there was what looked like a woman, near the back, sitting on the bus, close to the aisle. Her head was turned to the window. She was sitting on the left side of the bus.

Mike moved to the driver's seat. As we pulled out of the park, I asked him/stated,
"We're still going to KFC right?" He said, "Yes." Just as we turned the corner, I saw KFC and I mentioned it to him but we didn't stop there. We passed it. I said, "That's okay, there's lots of KFCs around, I'm sure we'll see some closer to home." EOD

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