Trying to control buzzers in a hospital

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Trying to control buzzers in a hospital

Post by steadygaze on Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:14 am

Well this is an interesting dream too. lol


I worked in a hospital that was so bright white and and my job was to make sure no rooms buzzers went off. So I would visit all the rooms to make sure people had what they needed so they would not disturb anyone. No matter how hard I tried a couple of buzzers went off. Every time one would go off I would get called in the bosses office and had a talking to. I would explain it is out of my control people have allot of need while being here and no matter how hard I try I know I cannot stop them from buzzing their buzzers. Then I went out again and the same thing a few buzzers went off and I knew they were set off on purpose it was to get me fired.

I do not work at a hospital in real life. I also do not have a healing ministry either. I am hold right now. Just a heads up.
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