Holding on to a Flying Angel

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Holding on to a Flying Angel

Post by luv2przHim on Fri Mar 09, 2012 8:53 am

Praise the Lord!!!

I had this dream the other night and it was quite odd. My family and I walked into one of my family members churches and there was a big event going on. I was looking around in awe of how nice things looked. Some other things happened that I can't remember. However, next thing you know, this person who was playing the role of an Angel had somehow picked me up and carried me high above the clouds. This "Angel" was a woman and I knew who she was in the dream but she never shows her face. Anyhow, she is trying to get me to a certain building and a certain level in this building. When she tries to land, she gives me instruction to turn when she turns (I am hanging from her waist like I am holding on for dear life). I tried my hardest to move with the instructions that she gave me, but it was almost impossible. So we missed the landing. Then we tried again and I panicked and we began to plummet through the clouds. (This is all taking place at night) While we're plummeting toward the ground, I began to pray and we straightened back out. We tried the turn again and I woke up, but it felt like we made it. I would also like to point out that the place where we were going to land was at the office of the woman who witnessed to me. I hope this can be understood by whomever will interpret it.

God Bless You,
In Jesus Name nerd

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