A pool in your eyes

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A pool in your eyes

Post by hind'sfeet on Wed Mar 07, 2012 9:35 am

1st thing I remember is looking into my "sister's" eyes and looking through some clear fluid that was somewhat brownish and cloudy (like lake water that isn't totally crystal clear). I was looking through her eyes (literally) but seeing through them out and looking at a swimming pool. I mentioned that the fluid was clear but hesitantly because I could see but it was still a little cloudy.
Looking at the pool through her eyes instantly brought us to the pool. The pool had a huge cut out of the United States, in the middle of the pool taking up over half of it. The map was under the water and each "state" was a different color (I didn't see any particular state or their real borders) and I told her in an excited or surprised way that the map wasn't as deep as it had been, which I saw in remembrance (something like that). I soon found out that the map was a puzzle and pieces started falling off and floating down. I got into the pool, stood on the map, and grabbed down at the pieces with my toes and put them back into their places but it seemed futile. It was slowly crumbling. I don't remember if I dove into the water or not.

My sister seems to be a "friend" now (someone else) with little boys, toddlers. I seem to have driven a long ways to see her. I'm out of the pool now and talking to her about driving back home. I'm imagining the traffic and that it was dusk, and also that it was Sunday and if I leave now I would have no traffic but hours and hours of driving. If I left the next day I would have to battle traffic with hours of driving. I notice that there are dangerous gangs around her neighborhood and they murder people. I imagine that if they were going to shoot me, would it be best to have them shoot me at my brain stem and I imagined that all my nerves in my body would be shooting with pain. The friend wants to show me a house they bought across the street, they had fixed it up. We stand at the front door, the porch light is on because it's dusk, and the front door is very nice! The door was, warm dark brown, lacquered, solid wood and elaborately carved. Wow, it was beautiful! She opens the door. The door opens into the kitchen and we go inside. The kitchen is a warm tangerine orange and it's a huge awesome kitchen and then I walk through loving it! The kitchen was not separate from the dining room and the wall continued on from the wall cupboards. So, as I was loving the orange of the kitchen I saw the other part of the kitchen and noticed it too was orange but different shade, a pumpkin orange and that's when I said "I love the oranges!". In that part of the kitchen just past the wall cupboards there was a dark blue ornament hanging on the wall and some other ornament (blue is the opposite of orange). This dining area was another kitchen complete with it's own cabinets and stove!! I'm loving the warm inviting kitchens with their well placed dimmer, warm, comforting lighting. We walk on into another room and it's another kitchen! This time all I notice is that it had a gas range, the cabinetry was was white painted metal. The doors of the cabinets had glass panes. What I really noticed was it looked like someone had taken a knife and engraved deep horizontal slash lines, about 3 all close together. I noticed that there were several engraved just like that all down that area of the counter or door of the cabinet. Now my sister is there too and I say to them in a concerned way, that some of those hoodlums did that. The sister didn't seem to think so or was unsure. She opened the cupboard door (which had the glass pane in it) and I could see a lot more slashes along the shelves.

I don't remember anything else after that.
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