My friend died and a witch condemning me for believing by faith she will be raised from the dead.

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My friend died and a witch condemning me for believing by faith she will be raised from the dead.

Post by hisbeauty4ashes on Sun Dec 07, 2008 5:40 pm

Greetings my beloved friends,

Today I went with a huge group of friends to pray for a friend of ours who has less then a few months to live because of cancer. We gathered around her and the power of the Holy spirit moved it was awesome! My friend who was diagnosed with the cancer had been going down hill quickly but we are believing for a miracle. Well when I meet with the group for lunch afterword the Lord reminded of a dream I had last August. I felt moved to send it to you to see what the Lord reveals. This dream has allot in it so please bear with me as you read it. Please respond through the Holy Spirit. I so desire to know his heart. I love my friend so much and this is hard.

I had this dream on 8-13-08


I was with my good and close friend Jen and her husband and we went out to eat.I ordered a hot dog and we were laughing and having a good time and I asked Jen if she wanted to try a bite of my hot dog and she said sure so she took a little bit of my hot dog and then we go home. I get this phone call from her husband Todd and he tells me Jen died and I am like what! I was shocked and I asked how and he said," she died from eating a bite of the hot dog, there were some chemicals in the hot dog that caused her death." I was in shock I could not believe she died from the same thing I ate and I felt some what guilty but knew that I did not know she would die from it.I did not know how to deal with my emotions I felt shocked I wanted to cry but could not cause I was in disbelief. I call some other friend to tell her my close friend died my friend acted as if she did not believe me and hangs up the phone. I felt very alone.I told her husband I was sorry for his loss.I went to my old church and every body was laying in these beds as to rest I laid down beside my old pastors wife and I cuddled up to her with my heartbroken of my friends death.Then this lady who I know was praying for different people on the beds came over to my bed and began to pray over me.As she was praying my old pastors wife made a comment to this lady who was praying over me and I did not understand the comment so I asked this lady what she said. The lady told me she said that, "children do not know when they mess up but there hearts are pure and with time and growth they mature." I am like okay!Then she continues to pray over me and I share with her how my friend Jen died and I then began to just weep and I begin to go into intercession and pray for the resurrection power to go into Jens body and I cry out for her to be raised from the dead and I am just weeping.

Next scene I am traveling after Jens death and I run into this lady who I was stopping by because I knew someone who was renting a room from her.This lady was older and had a look about her like she was a witch. This place had a strange garden that looked like a dessert if that makes sense. Anyway she was waiting for a person who was boarding from her to take her some where in her truck as she was waiting she asked me some questions and I told her my friend Jen died from eating a bite of a hot dog I shared with her. The lady said," well did you get her body and raise her from the dead!" She said it kind of like I was dumb and stupid. I told her I prayed for her where I was at I did not have access to the body but prayed for her to be raised from where I was at. The lady went on to say," I would of went to the morgue and grabbed the body and brought it here to my house and raised it from the dead." I thought to myself this lady is very demented because the way she was saying it was like she had all these powers no one else had. I told her I believed my God can raise people from the dead no matter if you are in the room or in your church He is not limited. As I was talking to her I was cutting up garlic and she got mad and got in her truck after I said that and drove down her drive way and the interesting part was the whole cement driveway moved in circular motion and all the garlic I cut up scattered.She laughed at me trying to gather my garlic. I have no idea why I was cutting up this garlic but that I was going to eat it and serve it to a friend there. But I was to continue traveling from there.

Thanks for taking the time to read this email


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Re: My friend died and a witch condemning me for believing by faith she will be raised from the dead.

Post by afterhisheart on Mon Dec 08, 2008 5:47 am

My thought (thought only) at first read through was how the enemy tries to take our faith from us and tell us it doesn't work...tries us to follow formulas for how to release healing power as a snare from being lead by the Holy Spirit. Traps us right into religion. In the dream you didn't buy that.

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