Fire Ants on my chest!!!

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Fire Ants on my chest!!!

Post by flybybutterfly on Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:10 am

]I had a dream about fire ants and they appeared to be on my chest. I got frightened by them and I was shaking them off in a sweeping kind of motion and I could see one going down in the direction on my chest. However, when I was shaking them off, I noticed that they were dead and crumbled. Well, no more than the next couple of days, I got sick with a respiratory sickness. God has been dealing with me on the issue of healing/trusting Him. I had been in prayer about healing hands and so when I got sick, I got frightened because this sickness had come upon me right after I had prayed for healing hands. I pleaded the blood of Jesus and the power that rose Jesus from the dead upon my sickness and praise God, it left within a few days! God was showing me to take comfort because of what I was about to go through and to trust Him because I was going to be healed. Not only myself but my kids suffered sickness also. I layed my hands on them as well, pleading the blood of Jesus and the power of God. But because God had warned me, I believed it was His will and trusted that it was going to go away. We are all back to health!Glory to God in the highest! happy dance happy dance

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