Mon being chased by geese, and candy cane communion

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Mon being chased by geese, and candy cane communion

Post by v3ryan on Tue Mar 06, 2012 10:01 pm

I have had lots of strange dreams over the past few weeks, I want to share two of them which I think about the most:

The first was where I was in this warm climate area, like a tropical resort, and my mom was being chased by these geese (I think it was geese) and they chased her into the ocean, where she dove down and completely submerged herself to escape them.
IRL My mom, who has bad asthma has lately had a lot of respitory problems that have increased.

The second one is interesting. I was in my former church (I always seem to have dreams that take place at my former church) and there, we were taking communion, except our communion consisted not of bread and wine (or grapejuice as our church uses) but of a candy cane, which we break in half. The interesting thing about candy canes, is a story I heard that the cane is in the shape of a J for Jesus, and the red stripe represents His blood. So it seems the candy cane represents His body and His blood, being used in communion. There was also a member of my church in the dream too who was there (wasn't sure if he handed me the candycane, or if he was just there), this man is an evangelist himself, although he is not the pastor of our church.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Mon being chased by geese, and candy cane communion

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Thu Mar 08, 2012 12:44 am

Greetings, v3ryan -

These are just my thoughts on your dreams. For the first dream, I only thought that to submerge herself to avoid geese is really only a temporary break from them, if that. They are waterfowl, of course, so she would eventually have to surface...and it's not like geese would avoid the water.

So, for her to be driven underwater is more like being driven into a state where breathing eventually becomes an issue. That said, I simply saw the dream as a call for you to pray for her regarding her asthma...that she would be covered and protected from those things that would agitate her in regards to breathing.

For the 2nd dream - I see it as an invitation to a new understanding of communion. Perhaps it's time to re-examine those scriptures and see what the Holy Spirit brings to your attention? There may be an understanding to be found that's a twist on the conventional.

Just some thoughts.

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