Dreamt my friend left his body - Manifested

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Dreamt my friend left his body - Manifested

Post by JoJo on Tue Mar 06, 2012 12:17 pm


I was walking to a gas station near my home. It was night. I arrived at the gas station and continued to walk toward the gas counter/convenience store, where you would pay for gas. I was wearing a short, sleeveless wedding dress holding dead flowers in my hand----just the stems. I am not wearing a coat. It was off-white. While walking toward the gas store, my friend walks out. He does not see me. He is wearing black clothes including a black coat. He has cigarettes in his hand and a cigarette is already in his mouth as if about to smoke it.
Next scene, I see his brother, don't know where. He takes the cigarette out of his mouth and begins to reprimand him for smoking. I see the actions but there are no words.
Next scene, I am at a hospital. I then see a hospital room. I am sitting beside my friend's bedside. He is in a coma. He is dying. I then see his body leave his body on the bed!! Part of him is still laying in a coma on the bed and part of him is in the air, looking at himself.
My dream ended.


I have since learned that my dream is connected to my feelings about the man I saw in the dream

The man I saw in the dream is the man that I want to marry and who God wants me to have---and I believe that God has been giving me several dreams to back this up....This has been a long process (It will be seven years in Oct, since God has been revealing things about him and me)

The dead flowers indicate that I have been disappointed at the fact that this does not seem like it is going to happen any time soon and has been taking too long

The fact that I am at a gas station shows that I am 'running out of gas'

My desire for this to happen, and it has not, has been exhausting

Going to a gas station means that I need to be re-charged, rejuvenated

While I am there, God shows me the current state of this man, his bad lifestyle (black clothes, coat, cigarettes)

His lifestyle leads him to the hospital (a place where you go if you are really sick, need help, or a place to die peacefully/comfortably) ---first thought, church

The scene that shows me sitting by his bedside while he is dying and then his spirit leaves his body indicates that I will witness a change I would like to believe, from his bad life to his good life (I say this because of previous dreams that God has given)

What I failed to tell you all when I first posted this dream is that I asked God while I was in a dream state if he was the one who gave me the dreams

He answered by dropping in my spirit these words, "I am the author and interpreter of dreams

I asked for a sign, I then saw a green whistle
I asked for another sign, I saw a trumpet

What does this mean?: Yes I gave you the dream, listen, pay attention to what I have shown you


This dream partially manifested itself on February 15 and then completely on February 25, 2012

On February 15, 2012, I told my friend about the dream that I had about him. I gave him my thoughts about what the dream could be referring to and what the symbols could possibly mean. He admitted that he had a lot going on, that he is up and down and has been tempted. He stated that something has to change. He then gave me his own interpretation of the dream and stated that perhaps the dream is pre-cursor to what will happen to him if he continues living the way he is living.

On February 25, 2012, I attended a Women's Day at one of our church branches and to my surprise, was my friend, sitting adjacent to me with just the aisle in-between us. During the service, I observed his attentiveness to all that was being presented by the speaker and I believe that the service really impacted him.

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