'saving' rats, cats and mice in my stuff

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'saving' rats, cats and mice in my stuff

Post by dd on Sat Mar 03, 2012 4:59 am

I just woke up from this dream:

For some reason I had a hole bunch of mice, rats and cats I needed to hide in boxes and in my clothes. I was about to move to another apartment. I wanted to save them from being killed and only about three friends new about it.
I wanted to get for them boxes and put them there and then later give away/ sell for a good cause or as pets. I was quite limited in my moves because I had hidden several mice under my t-shirt and they kept trying to escape. At some point one escaped. I put only one mice in a box and when I took it out from under my t-shirt, it was freaking out and trying to escape from me. Since some mice where in moving boxes which had to be transported, we assumed many of them died there. We never found out because we never opened the boxes. There were only pet rats and cats, but I was not actively dealing with them in that dream.
After the mice scene it felt that it had positively solved and we were at some point in a car. I was driven in a car by 2 friends and sitting on a back seat. It was fast and pleasant ride on highway. Then we had to get off highway and then there was a jam. It was winter with incredibly lots of snow. Despite the jam we moved surprisingly fast and reached a car where people have had installed sauna in a minivan and were getting into snow after having sauna in a van. Suddenly the scene changed that it was a summer and there was no car and I was with one friend and the minivan party people had turned into sultry kids and we knew they were all 7. At the end I told him: "isn't it funny we're on the same page?" I knew I felt some affection for him. I never met any of those friends in real life, but I seemed to know them well in my dream.

Any ideas?

I can only say that I felt quite confident in my dealings with mice etc. Saving them felt so right. I know mice is not necessary something positive. I dunno why I wanted to save them and why I didn't openly say about such a 'noble case'.

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