Odd dream that played out like a 1940s movie

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Odd dream that played out like a 1940s movie

Post by rosebush on Fri Mar 02, 2012 6:15 pm

This dream starts with my father and I asleep in an old Phoenix car of my mothers. We were sitting outside a boarding type home run by an older woman. I note 2 of my male cousins reside in rooms in the front part of this house. Vern lives in the front part of the house and Wayne lives in a room right behind him. These 2 cousins both married about the same time, had children and divorced their wives at the same time. I'm waking up and can see these 2 cousins vacating their rooms and cousins and their father (LeRoy) are coming out to the Phoenix car. They have on olden days suits/hats -- my father used to dress like this when he got dressed up -- he was born in 1934. I remember them reaching the car, father waking up, talking.

I take note a public event is taking place on the lawn of this boarding house. It looks like some sort of law enforcement celebration.

Father and I take off driving in the car. I note a young girl while driving along that I know is being abused. I see her walking into her home. A young black girl is running after our car with a purse. She is trying to catch us. I make my father go back and turn around to take care of the abuse situation with this unknown girl.

Then scene changes and there is a mafia type man trying to convince my father to sign insurance papers. I know he is trying to kill my father. He takes my father into the front of a mafia run restaurant and seats him at an outside table speaking to him about the papers to sign. Other children are there with us. The mafia man comes to me (I am a small child -- maybe 8) and asks me to stand around the corner while the signing takes place. I know something not good is going on. I go around to the back of this building and see other gangster men trying to kill a man through the back window/door.

I go back to the front of the building where the mafia man and my father were sitting. But I see they are going and the mafia man has tricked him to going to a bank with him to sign the insurance papers, but I know he is planning to kill him.

I am terrified and running to tell someone to get help. I see a couple sitting right out front of the restaurant and try to explain the situation to them, but I become wise that they are part of the scheme plotting against my father. So I run a very long distance to an outside refreshment stand, the kind at a carnival. I am exhausted and my mouth is so dry, like I have popcorn in it, that I cannot speak. The man at the refreshment stand looks compassionate and sees I am distressed and serves me up a lemonade. I drink the lemonade and slowly am able to speak.

I wake up at this point, feeling the same distress as in the dream.

I have dreamed about this old house before. It was my grandmother's house in another dream. In that dream there was a huge garage out back, maybe 6 times larger than an ordinary 2-car garage, and it was all burnt looking, like cinder/ash inside. All I remember is walking around inside the building.

IRL my father has passed.


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