He charged all

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He charged all

Post by godbeholds02 on Fri Mar 02, 2012 12:58 pm

Ive had alot of dreams with the last two weeks I will be posting to see if anyone can help with them.

I had a dream there was nothing to see but it was like my face and I was speaking but it was like what i was speaking was being poured into me and out of my mouth. It was the most beautiful and peaceful feeling. I cant remember it word for word but here goes. The Lord God has charged ALL the Nations to come against Israel as punishment for there sins against him. ( there was a little more but I cant remember) and then I awoke because my alarm clock was beeping.

Another I drempt; I think I was in a hotel. I seen two babys walking into a room. One was a few months older than the other but was babysitting the younger. The behavior was as an adult but it was still a baby. I followed them into a pool room and thought isnt that dangerous. They could drown. I kept walkin around the pool side and saw another baby with no supervision scooching backward toward the pool. then she feel in and i jumped in to pull her out. someone was closer and grabed the baby. when they came back up i took the baby craddled it was walked away.

anyone with any thoughts?

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