Breakfast, Soda, and The Lottery

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Breakfast, Soda, and The Lottery

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sun Feb 26, 2012 7:55 am

Good Morning, All -

Apparently dreams are in full-swing for me, again. At least three more last night!

In the first dream, I had arrived at my classroom before the class began. This was during the few minutes that everyone got to move between classes, so it wasn't at the very start of the day. I was checking out a kitchen counter in this classroom where I expected to see my blender sitting out for me to use. *In real life, I leave my blender on the counter because I start each day with a pre-workout drink as soon as I get up. Well, the blender wasn't there, so I sat down for a moment. Then, I went back to the counter to prepare a bowl of cereal instead. I was certain that I had an opened box of cereal in the cupboard that belonged to me. I looked in the cupboard, but all the boxes of cereal belong to someone else. I thought about moving the boxes out of the way to look behind them, but one box seemed like it was put away upside-down, and if I pulled it off the shelf, the bottom (top) of the box would open up and the contents would spill all over. So, I opted to avoid the mess.

In the second dream, I was at a gas station looking at bottles of soda. In real life, I wouldn't do this, because I haven't had a single soda in over a year. I was looking at the Coke products, and next to the regular Coke were bottles of Coke Zero...but, the labels were gone off of the bottles and each bottle had the name written on by hand, like the employees had to label each one individually. For some reason, what they did just seemed like the right idea considering that they were given bottles from the supplier with no labels.

Next, I was at the counter in the gas station to pay for my purchases...though I'm not sure what they were. The attendant asked me if I would like to buy a lottery ticket for $60 (gasp!)...but for a chance to win each week for 60 years (oh!). The potential winnings were some figure in the Trillions!! I remember thinking that I had the money on me to buy the ticket, and I figured that I'd HAVE to make the investment back within 60 years, even if I won a buck here or there each week. Then, I asked the attendant whether or not I had to spend the winnings on stuff at the gas station. It seemed like she told me no, but I was already thinking about what I'd buy from the gas station.

I had another one, but it seems that it's gone now. :(
Any thoughts appreciated.

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Re: Breakfast, Soda, and The Lottery

Post by L4JC on Sun Feb 26, 2012 10:10 am

Hi Mark!

You dream interesting dreams! I have a few thoughts, but it may or may not relate to you.

In the first part of your dream... in the dream, I don't think it's about an actual kitchen or actual food, but whether it's about your old job and how you'll have to "refamiliarize your self" back into the the routine of your workday. The first thing that came to my mind, is you're going back to your old job, and you're expecting something "similiar" to what you had before to still be there, and it's not, so you go on a search on how to set yourself back into the "fold" by going through all the cereals and finding out that what was yours before is no longer there, but then discover your cereal, it's way in the back upside down. Instead of getting upset over it, you decide to avoid confrontation over this "issue".

In the second dream, it was very similiar to your dream you posted yesterday. The labels again. This time they were handwritten. I'm wondering if this dream is letting you know of some things that you're going to face, that seem "similiar" to what you were doing before (personally in your private life) while you were in your old job, but has a more personal meaning to you. Again, you mentioned yesterday, that it's about your priorities. Maybe this time, it's about personal priorities and not necessarily about your old job? Just a thought.

Next, about the gas station portion of your dream... There may be some things you might find alluring either in your old job, that you might find tempting, but you question whether or not in the long haul if it's really a wise investment to go that "route". To me, it felt like you were talking about your pay and benefits or how much you'll be paid for the work you'll be doing, and questioning if this offer you've been given is the right one for you. I sense, too, that it's possible it's about stock options or 401K, and certain perks, perhaps? It's just a thought. I may be way off... but it's what came to mind when I read your dream.

Pls toss what doesn't fit.


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