No one to help serve to many people were socializing.

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No one to help serve to many people were socializing.

Post by steadygaze on Sun Feb 26, 2012 6:15 am

Hello beloved friends may the Lords face shine upon you in all His splendor and glory.


I was at a family reunion in the country. There were people in the kitchen and then there were family all over chatting. I was asked to help serve and the funny part was no one else was willing to help me serve they were to busy socializing. I was told that I was to put together on a plate like this beautiful display of food decorated on a plate. It was allot of work for one person and I could not get anyone to help. So I did one plate at a time and it seemed as if the kitchen workers were chatting and not putting the food together so that it could be placed on the table. Then a cousin comes to me with her two kids and offers them to help me, and I am like great I could use these kids they are at least teachable. So I am in the upper room when my cousin had come to offer her kids help. As my cousin is talking to me she lays down on a bed to rest while we are waiting for more food to come out of the kitchen. Then we got word some food is prepared, so I came up with a strategy and told one child to do one thing and the other child to do another and I would finalize the work and over see it. So we began again and again the kitchen workers were to busy socializing and was holding up everything and so I sat down at a table outside and I began to pray about the situation.

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Re: No one to help serve to many people were socializing.

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sun Feb 26, 2012 7:36 am

Greetings, Steadygaze -

When I look at this dream, what comes to mind is continuing to pursue after your needs begin to be met. You were given a responsibility that you recongnized would require more than just yourself in order to properly execute the plan. All of the workers who were socializing make me think of our brothers and sisters who are too caught up in life's distractions to do what needs to be done.

Thankfully, help is provided...and, as you recognized, they were teachable. I don't think that those two represent specific people, but more like a generation or a group of people who are open to receive instruction. Your part to play is one of teaching and leading, providing direction and delegating the work. The dream ends with the same obstacles from the same people, but you did respond the right way by going to God in prayer - this is what I meant above by continuing to pursue after the needs were met. You received the workers who were willing to respond to the call, but there will always be a need to seek more from Him throughout the process.



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