Choices were taken away over night in America.

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Choices were taken away over night in America.

Post by steadygaze on Sat Feb 25, 2012 10:30 am

Hi Beloved friends. I was wondering if anyone keeps having different dreams about things to come, like having no choices and other things. I have been having one dream after another lately and am praying into all my dreams. I had this dream below this morning.


I wanted coffee and so I got in my car and it was bleak out and overcast and it felt dommy and gloomy. Anyway I went to a coffee place and it no longer had choices and only had one flavor, and I was like what this crazy!? what So then I went somewhere else and again they said now they have one choice. It seemed like where ever I went it had only one flavor one choice. I could not believe it, it was like it happened over night. So then I went to Burger King and ordered coffee they still had a few choices. As I am getting my coffee a lady walks in and says, " Wow over night we lost our choices now in America, and we no longer have a choice in anything." I said, " I know and I knew it was coming."
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