dream of getting a deal at L'Oreal Paris and wedding

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dream of getting a deal at L'Oreal Paris and wedding

Post by Destine on Fri Feb 24, 2012 7:10 am

Last night I was dreaming that I was at an upscale salon, in a wedding dressed designed by my best-friend (she actually sketched my dress for me like last month, though I'm sixteen still) the man was doing my hair and telling me not to use any thing hotter than 500 because I could damage my hair. I told him I used around 200-300 on my hair. He than told me he was the VP for L'Oreal once I told him I wanted to have a hair/cosmetic brand specifically for black teen girls that ranged from low-high. He would not charge for the test run or take any profits. He asked who I was going to marry, I told him and it was my former senior pastor's son. Just two days ago I asked for confirmation if he was really the one for me because I have had wedding themed dreams while disliking him since July 2010
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