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House of Hoarding

Post by rosebush on Fri Feb 24, 2012 6:49 am

I had a very interesting dream this a.m. just before waking. I have been touching on the issue of obsessive-compulsive disorder in my waking life, and it has turned up in my dreams---

I open the door to my friend's house and step inside. In the dream this friend is like a secret agent or spy and I am some sort of co-worker. The friend is gone -- he is male. The home is a lake home -- like a cabin but nicer than a typical cabin. The home is full of stuff, like a hoarder's house. I note piles of clean laundry but unfolded. I also note file cabinets and stacks of manila files. The house is loaded with stuff. Then I note a section of the house that has "the female's" stuff. In the dream it is never clarified who this female is, but I just see her section of the house and note racks of pants, neatly folded, hanging on a rack such as one would see in a department store. I think to myself in this dream -- the female side is not as bad as the male's portion of the house. There is no part of this house that seems livable for all the stuff. crying

Then I see out the front window the owner of the house coming home in his car. The man looks like the actor David Birney. I note I have a friend with me from grade school. Her name is Lisa Marie. She was a very popular girl and although this girl made an unsolicited promise to me that she would stay a friend after a really good friend moved away when we were involved in a 3-some friendship, the friend never kept true to her word. I tell Lisa in the dream that the man is coming home. I'm thinking we will have to just go out and face the man, but Lisa tells me to go out the back door. We do this together, but for whatever reason I note we end up going around into the front yard anyway, around to the other side of the home, never seeing or bumping into the gentleman, but heading down to the lake shore front.

I note my friend Lisa has put on high heel shoes, which don't work very well in the sand. We walk along the lakefront heading north. It reminds me of my family's cabin as I am walking along the shore, but the home in no way resembled our family's cabin. It is extremely windy and a big storm is coming through. I comment to "friend" Lisa about the storm. I note a formation of a thick dark cloud overhead, like a roadway in the sky above us, very low lying. The water is very wavy, wind blowing. Lisa and I keep walking till we come to a certain unknown house. The house seems more like a dark shadow than a house. I see part of this road cloud that has formed above us and followed us come down and touch the ground, but it is not swirling at all like a tornado, just still.

Much thanks for your insight!

I am struggling to figure out just whose house this is that I visit and who Lisa may represent.

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