The younger generation in the Middle East and America.

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The younger generation in the Middle East and America.

Post by steadygaze on Fri Feb 24, 2012 5:50 am

Hello beloved ones.


I was with a bunch people at a church and the pastor was ministering and he was saying look at most of the middle eastern countries young ones are rising up to over throw their country to bring their nation into a better place. All of a sudden I went into a vision and I went to the Middle East and I saw the young people who were over throwing their country in war and fighting. Then I noticed how innocent they looked. I then watched as they met with their leaders and I saw they were terrorist leaders. Then I came back out of the vision and I said right in the middle of church, " Be careful in what you say and see because deception can appear one way, and really it is another way." I went on to say, " They are trained for war and they will not turn their country around they will just increase where the ones they fought against to protect it left off. Then the service went on and the pastor began to preach again and he said, "Look at our young kids they too are rising up in this generation, and he was like bragging and putting the kids in the spotlight. I could not help my self and I rose to my feet and I said, " Yes we need to praise God for the older generation who prayed into the younger generation with sweat, and tears, and warfare to break things off that have been a curse upon our children and this nation. We must always include the older generation with the younger generation.We have young ones who are rising up in America that may surprise you who are against America. Be careful what you say and see, deception can may look one way and really it is another. Then all of a sudden I began to see a yellow flag with half the flag in white and it was popping up all over the room and waving after I spoke.

I find this dream a bit interesting.
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