Nightmares involving my father (HELP!)

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Nightmares involving my father (HELP!)

Post by Tokiogirl21 on Tue Feb 21, 2012 1:02 pm


i need some help understanding something here.
Whenever my father and I have a disagreement of sorts, it always leads to me having nightmares that i can't finish b/c he's in it and he's even more angrier there than in real life. ya see, i moved out a year ago thinking i would be safe (b/c some stuff happened while i was living under his roof. he talked me into buying him food with my food stamps which is illegal, he had me sterilized in 2008, not to mention he would bully me countless times b/c to him my maturity was equal to that of an 8 y/o (don't know where he got that info)
The last conversation we had, my dad and stepmom basically came over to rant about how i shouldn't be talking about my own observations to other family members behind their (dad and stepmom) backs. not to mention they came over unannounced! (i'm kinda big on that stuff)
then when they left (around the time my friend got here and i got into her car to go somewhere) my friend turned to me and said that my family gave her a funny look. i still don't know what she meant by that (she's african-american so she might have thought my folks have something against her)
That's not all, when me and my friend got back to my place, I got a message on my answering machine from my dad. He was basically telling me (since I wanting to go to college) that i can go if that's what I wanted, but he didn't sound very encouraging by the way he was talking about money and whatnot. I didn't finish the whole message b/c it made my friend uncomfortable (I told her what I've been through so she could tell it made me uncomfortable as well)
Anyway, on to the dream,
They always go the same way (that is I never see myself and my father has a very bad temper) but this one from what I can remember he kept saying (or shouting i should say) "Pack your things and get out!"
I always wake up from these dreams b/c they scare me. They remind me of how angry he used to get when i was a child. My friend keeps telling me I should go back where my mom's family is but that's also where part of dad's family is as well. I'm always afraid that if I leave, he'll find me.
I just want to be free from this stuff. can anyone help me?

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Re: Nightmares involving my father (HELP!)

Post by Cholette on Thu Feb 23, 2012 7:38 pm

Do you belong to a church or ministry? It sounds to me that you have a stronghold of fear and it's spilling over into your dreams. Nightmares are not of is torment, which is of the devil.

I suggest that if you have a church or ministry that you are connected to that you speak to the senior leadership or some type of counselor or minister so you can be helped. This stronghold must be broken off of you because the torment will only get worse.

My prayer team and I will be lifting you up in prayer...


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