Repost for Moderators: Get this bird of me Daddy!

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Repost for Moderators: Get this bird of me Daddy!

Post by Dreamert00 on Fri Feb 17, 2012 1:32 pm

Dream I was in childhood home, daddy was in living room, my sis and I was in bedroom. I seen on CNN that this guy (was wanted by the law in his home country, falsly married another woman and had 10 kids in another country. Actually this guy was wanted by the law for tapping into the computers. The gov't in his home country was scanning the airways and found what he was doing. His real wife was no longer with him because of that and she and the comentators were saying his wife and 10 children will be devasted to know he is a fake. I was in the bed with my sister sleep and this bird was on my back. I kept trying to get it off but it wouldn't. I got under the cover and it was still there. I kept crying "Daddy Daddy" but he could not hear me. Hubby woke me up after hearing me scream in my sleep. For some reason the bird came after this con artist was found out..

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