Strange dreams of children

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Strange dreams of children

Post by natalie on Wed Feb 15, 2012 8:18 pm

For a couple of years now I have been plagued by strange dreams of children.While the dreams have slowed down a bit,they havn't completely stopped and I am looking for any comentary on these symbols.
At first I had this reocurring dream about an infant that wasn't mine or i wouldn't claim her.I felt compassion on her but would try to ignore her because she wasn't mine and she would become hysterical if I tried ignoring her.Sometimes I would be in a room full of other babies but,I would have to ignore the other babies to care for her. Sometimes she was thin and sickly and at other times she was healthy and plump.
Sometimes i would be preagnant and try to abort her but didn't ever succeed.
After those dreams I have been having dreams about the same two children.One is a male and the other one is a female.They are both mine and I love them but one is usually kidnapped or I am searching frantically for them and sometimes find him/her.They are twins and are exact mirror images of each other,but the boy is usually more quiet and sensitive and the girl is louder and more assertive.
I have had dozens of these dreams in the last few years.All with the same children but I am not quite sure about what the symbolize.
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