joyride on the beach

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joyride on the beach

Post by L4JC on Sat Feb 11, 2012 3:47 am

Hi all,

Any thoughts or interpretations would be appreciated!

In my dream, I dreamed I took several showers (not sure why) and when my showers were over, I went in the living room to relax. Then, I saw someone coming to my door (glass door had a see through film covering it - I still could see who was coming, but it was slightly filmy). A man with a beard all in a white suit with a pink bowtie came up to the door with a yellow colored box of heart shaped valentine candy. I opened the door not sure what this was about. The man said, "come on, this is for you - we're going on a ride". I thanked him for the candy and got in the white jeep (fancy car like a BMW, or Mercedez). The jeep didn't have a covering on top at all (Just like jeeps out there you see where you can see people inside clearly). He took me out to the beach for a joyride spinning all through the sand from left to right, just having a ball. I hung on, cuz we were going pretty darn fast. LOL EOD

IRL: When I awoke, I recognized the man in the dream. He is a pretty well known artist who passed away of cancer within my social network. Although, I didn't personally know him, all my friends knew him very well and were grieved by his passing. I saw his website yesterday, it showed all of his artwork. As I was browsing through his website, I wondered if he was a Christian. And then I saw a video on his site of him personally talking to his family and friends. He knew he was dying and that he wanted his friends and family to know they must look to the Lord for salvation and that He is the way. He mentioned that he didn't fear dying, he knew where he was going. I admit I cried when I saw the video cuz I could see he knew Christ and that to me was such a relief!

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