Unwanted Fame dream-Am I concerned?

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Unwanted Fame dream-Am I concerned?

Post by Tokiogirl21 on Thu Feb 09, 2012 12:35 am

There was a dream i remember having two nights ago again relating to my favorite band Tokio Hotel, in this dream I was married to the lead singer Bill Kaulitz, anyway, some people from MTV were over at our house (as in Mine and Bill's house) filming something for a tv special about TH (I guess about our private life or something) and I really didn't want them to be there b/c I remember asking "If this is about our private life then why is it being aired worldwide for everybody to see?"
The MTV reps didn't answer my question, Which left me ticked.
Bill tried to calm me down and told me he would handle these people.
He told me he didn't sign any agreement to do a tv special with MTV, it was their management who did.
and that got me more worried.
I remember saying to him "Bill, everytime the management tries to get you to do something, you know they almost always want you to agree to it even if it is invasive to our lives."
He replied "I know you're scared. but I promise nothing is going to happen."
I frowned.
He looked at me and said "If you're still not convinced, I'll talk to David in the morning about this MTV thing."
"I'm only looking out for you so you don't let all this fame go to your head." I said
He laughed "I know."

I don't know why I had this dream. Maybe it's my concern for Bill coming into my subconcious.
I mean I want to save Bill from the demons of fame and fortune so to speak.
Someone asked me what's my connection to this band?
I say that like my parents, the twins' parents were divorced and I like Japan like the band and I got teased in school like the twins did.
But what I didn't say was that I wanted this band to be saved from the evils of fame because I feel they are being brainwashed to think they have the best fans in the world when these fans don't act like civilized people.
I mean, I see that their fans fight with each other and start stuff with each other by saying fans who don't like their "old" look or german songs are not real fans these are the same fans who condemn the band if they change their look or style of music. Some will even threaten to leave the fandom, some fans are just plain crazy and don't know what to do with themselves when they see this band (what I mean is they will grab the band members, wave things in their faces at signings, wait outside their houses for a picture or even stalk them like in 2009.)

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