Lighting candle/sticks, electric fence around us, woman calling me to come outside this area.

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Lighting candle/sticks, electric fence around us, woman calling me to come outside this area.

Post by Macleod on Tue Feb 07, 2012 7:30 am

I'm wondering if this dream is slightly linked to the dream I have just posted

I was in an area gathered with other people. A woman, I felt familiar with, was inviting another woman to come have dinner with us one night. She told her we usually gather two nights a week, one of these is a Wed night and on one of these nights we have candles lit. (IRL we have two evening church services, one (our prayer meeting night) is on a Wed. We don't have candles in our church building though).

It was dark, the woman, who I felt familiar with and I and a few others then took out our matches, lit some candles and went to light the candles of everyone else seated there (their candles were actually long thin sticks). It felt as though we were in this big circular area. The people I went over to were sitting on logs in two rows. The ones in front had unlit sticks, I was shaking and had to hold the sticks so I could light them - (I've just realised, IRL when I'm filled with the Holy Spirt, I sometimes shiver/shake) and with the older folk who sat in the row behind, their sticks were burnt down quite short but no longer had a flame, only a glow, so these I re-lit.

Around this area, there was a fence. I saw a woman on the outside laughing. An umbrella was stuck in the fence and had a small hole around it caused by electricity. A man (who had been holding the umbrella) was climbing out of a pond of water, he had been flung into this pond when he got electrocuted.

As I turned around, there was a fence on the other side and a much bigger hole in it. A woman on the outside (not sure if it was the same woman) was calling me to come outside through this hole. There was water thrown onto this hole (a thought flashed through my mind, water and electricity don't mix) I felt that if I went through I would be electrocuted and could die. I felt that the other women I had been with (who were not there at that very moment) were going to be mad at her when they got back and saw the hole she made.

I then went into a few rooms. In the one room I remember going into, I saw a woman bent down next to a bed, she was gently speaking to two small boys. There was a third boy there just to the side of them. I thought I'd leave and give them some privacy.

I have a thought on this one, but would love to hear if anyone had thoughts or maybe even an interpretation.

Much appreciated.

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