HORROR Dream !!!

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HORROR Dream !!!

Post by Shan on Sat Feb 04, 2012 3:31 pm

This was the most horrific dream I've ever had. It has disturbed me greatly.

I dreamed that bombs were going off everywhere and blowing up land every few hundred feet. I considered they may be hailstones, but they were black, round objects. People were running in horror. Everywhere there were people. They were fleeing their homes and everything they knew as familiar. I heard women screaming. I was in spirit as I didn't have a body. I was flying over everyone trying to discern what was happening. Everyone was running north towards Canada. I flew over them at a fast rate trying to figure out what they were running to. I could not catch up with them or get to the front of the people because it was endless. They could not find rest, hope or comfort. They were in dispair. They were running towards nothing. People were from many time periods like the turn of last century. Some women were in long dresses and hats. I tried hard to focus on their faces. I looked intently at one red-headed woman. She was so young and pretty. Also, there were modern day people. Some of their homes had been burned from what I thought were the Texas wildfires of 2011, but even the ones that were not damaged were at risk.

I then flew south, trying to figure out who the enemy was, thinking it was Mexico, but I could not find a natural enemy. I wanted my mom in spirit to comfort me because I was so disturbed and horrified, but was not too concerned about her as I knew she was not on the earth. She is a Christian.

I then found myself at a local nature preserve where a lady was holding a white tiger cub from Africa. It would soon be transported to Canada. I was with a man (didn't know him) and we noticed two young lions who had manes, but they were not fully mature. We then focused on one of them for some reason. Before our eyes he showed his maturity. His mane and face grew. I could not fathom his maturiny. His face was old but not elderly. He was wisdom. I was in awe...

The lion then became a three-sided, huge bolder. We were standing somewhere like the Grand Canyon. On this rock we could see a man's face on one side and a woman's face on the other. The other side was not revealed. We couldn't figure out how there was a man's face so perfectly formed in the rock. After a while, I had revelation. I said, "Oh! this was purposely chiseled by an artist to look this way!" The man stood looking with half belief/unbelief. I don't think he was a Christian. I was then able to walk away satisfied.

I then found myself back at the horror site. This time I was in my body. I asked this black lady who was a slave back in the 1800's where my father was. She was digging graves for all the bodies. It was now nighttime. She told me to look in lot 43 row 13. There were so many bodies they were burying them by lot. I didn't find him, but noticed that some of the bodies were so old that the coffins took on their likeness. I thought they may have been ancient Egytpian or the equivalent of them. She then pointed to a man and said that was my dad. I looked at him and thought it was him for a minute as it looked like him from the nose up, but not from the nose down. I said, "You're not my dad." Finally I found him and he was not harmed. It was daytime again. I linked arms with him and began walking with him. Then this boy came up to my dad who was dressed like a boy from the 40's or early 50's. He stopped at my dad's feet and looked at him intently wanting recognition. I said,"Dad! That's you!" My dad did not acknowledge him. I was still linked with my dad and saw the adult dad walk away from the boy at the same. I again said, "That's you!" (It's important to note that my dad is not a Christian. I believe he became offended by his own dad at around the age of the boy that came up to my dad. My dad talks very little about his childhood.)

Thanks for any insight!
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