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I was with a crowd of people ( seems that everyone was a woman or a child). I think we were participating in some kind of event. A woman & I decided to go across the way to a shop. In the shop she picked up this object that was on a table, which was so pretty with diamonds & rubies. It was some kind of a pouch, but not made of cloth; it was made of metal. I asked what it was for and the woman I was with said it was to hold-----------(can’t remember). I was thinking of purchasing it because it was to beautiful, but decided not to. There was another lady looking on, and she was interested as well.

I decided to go back to the group we were with, and the others followed me. I thought, I must be a leader. When we got back there were children playing a game.

There was an older man of prominence & influence, somewhat feeble. He had healed a woman so I grabbed on to his right side and wrapped my arm around his arm as we walked ( I was a young woman in the dream). There was another woman clutching him as well, on the left side. As we walked among the crowd, I remember feeling that the people around us must think we were just “using him” because of his prominence. He asked me how old I was, and for a few moments I forgot, and started to count from the year I was born until now, and told him I was 72.

I was sitting with a group of women, and we were going to order Chinese food.

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