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Post by HisLightbeam on Fri Feb 03, 2012 4:24 pm

I really noticed for the first time that God was giving me comforting dreams whenever I was frightened, under duress, or experiencing some form of persecution, which is not often, but often enough lol!

The first time, there was no picture, only comforting music and a voice singing about "I love you," and it was so warm and close,I had the feeling of being held completely, like a child, protected, loved, nothing to fear. crying I am sorry, that is totally an emotional experience. There was no picture, only feelings of comfort and mothering, and fathering...I had just stepped out on faith as a baby christian who found herself willing to grow, and was actively seeking God's will. Of course, the devil tried to stop me and turn me around by making things hard, but then that's when God drew me close to Him and wouldn't let go.

Other episodes included visions of the companies that I have worked for before I received the job. Visions of heartache that prepared me before they happened.

Once, I dreamed of a clock in relations to a job situation that was very stressful and I was trying to decide if I should leave. That night after work, I was in church for bible study, and there was a big clock on stage. I really started to cry, because I didn't know what was around the corner, but I knew that meant I was leaving the job, and I didn't have one to go to. So the next day, the spirit told me to collect my vacation check. Right after I called, the manager let me go, choosing not to renew my contract. I left with a smile, and they were astonished. The company tried to deny my unemployment, and I still got it...because the Lord gave me all the info I needed to win my case. I didn't even need the witnesses who backed out on me....Amen. and AMen. I trust you Lord. It helps me to rehearse your blessings and faithfulness one by one.

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