I didnt know about lies,sex,Aids - MANIFESTED

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I didnt know about lies,sex,Aids - MANIFESTED

Post by Dreamert00 on Wed Feb 01, 2012 8:06 pm

OMG, I got a call from a woman name Tracy while I was at work, she sayed my husband is sleeping with her cousin how has HIV...Can you imagine my shock? I remembered this dream as she spoke and God covered me. I got tested and I am HIV negative...God is so good. Will be filing the divorce papers in the morning. Of course he is denying everything. Wow!.


Day 1
I dreamed that my husband was at a woman house, he wouldn't tell me who. He kept pretending he didnt hear me asking him and then said he didnt know who house he was at. I heard the woman in the background talking. I was angry cussed him and told him to stay out of my life. Sounds bad right?

Dreamed I was at work and my husband exgirlfriend Stacy (IRL) called my cell to tell me she slept with my husband. I called our house from my work phone while she was on the cell. I lined up the phone where they both can hear each other. I asked him did he sleep with her, he said yes. I was shocked. He said but she don't have the type of Aids that you have, he preceeded to say that eveyone knows that he has some type of disease or infection (cant remember the name)??? She hung up immediately. I took it as if she was upset that he didnt tell her that he is putting her life in danger. I told him to pick me up from work now, I was ready to fight him. He came, but the dream switched. Long story short he was driving with us backwards I was sitting in the back seat behind him..

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