Half Crab Half Kitten! Me flying in the sanctuary

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Half Crab Half Kitten! Me flying in the sanctuary

Post by sword&scepter on Wed Feb 01, 2012 8:06 pm

I dreamt that I was in an old row house that reminded me of one I lived in as a kid.
There were about 4 cats one being a large adult and the others kittens, they were white and a little dirty. They were looking up to the window and meowing as if they were very hungry and wanted get in and eat.

I did not let them in but threw out a piece of fish to one smaller one who was not skinny but very hungry and worried. He was sitting in a very small ditch in the yard and could not get to the fish and as he pulled himself out towards the food he let out a scream, turned over and began to die. ( The lower half of his body was smashed)

The larger one leapt up to the window ledge but I didn't let him get past me do he became as small as a mouse and tried to hide in the wood grain of the window ledge.
I pulled him out but he was large again but his lower body was that of an Alaskan Snow Crab! It looked weird and nasty and I through him out and he hit the ground and died.
A short while later the area outside the house was filled with about 50-85 feet of water. There was an old sunken ship there as well as a freight train parked at a dock. I could not understand what had happened but everything outside was under water and whatever had breath succumbed to it.

I left the house at the front door and ended up in someone's church in order to work there that day. I think it might've been the pastor of that church and I began to walk towards my destination in the building and as I went about 35 feet I began to lift up in the air and fly.

As I flew I was moveing fast and very aerodynamicly throughout the building I was ableb to duck ledges and go through ( open doors) I did not dematerialize but felt as though I was in some sort of spirit form. It felt wonderful and awesome ( I wanna cry as type this) I was flying and talking with someone that I could not see (I think) and I was happy and laughing while praising His Holy Name!

The sanctuary of the church was well lit and beautiful, I felt like it really was happening and as I landed I saw the most beautiful supernatural light and I woke up seeing the light and shaking as if I was being baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

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