A family rapture

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A family rapture

Post by rosebush on Tue Jan 31, 2012 7:22 am

This is a strange dream for me since I never have end-time dreams or anything that seems like global dreams, at a glance anyway.

I'm down in the family recreation room in the basement of my childhood home. Family is there -- father, mother, and 2 of my sons. We are preparing to leave somewhere and putting together food to take with us, like there is a famine in the land. My mother is obsessive-compulsively having us put food together, like in groups. She wanted me to take 2 boxes of cranberry granola bars and 1 can for a drink together, and then there were other groups of food she wanted me to put together. My father left to go upstairs. I did the granola bars and drink and then got fed up with it. I told her we are believers and we should put our trust in God to get us out of this horrible situation, cause all we had to look forward to was death in the situation we were in. The food would not last long.

I raised my hands up in the air and asked God the Father in heaven to "rapture" my family out of this situation because all we had to look forward to was death. I started to rise and then each of my family members also raised up off the ground. We got close to the ceiling and saw my father. I called out to him to believe and come with us. He did and caught up with us in the air. We were floating high above the house and I was thinking about my son, his wife and child who live away from us and prayed for them that either God bring them somewhere safe or they also be "raptured" like us.

My family members' personality and behavior in the dream were just as they are in real life, although my father has already passed.

GBU, Rose

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