Mansions Floating on River

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Mansions Floating on River

Post by JaeZ on Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:56 pm

Hello. I'm new to the forum and new overall to the Body of Christ. I've been in the church for a little over a year now but since February of 2011, the Holy Spirit has taken a hold of me and has taught me a great deal. I wanted to give you a little bit of what I've experienced so that you know more or can tell me more about my dream. In October of 2011, I had my first vision which the Holy Spirit awoke me at 12:44am on Sept 30/Oct 1st, and after using the restroom and trying to go back to sleep, I was given a very strong and intense and urgent intercessory prayer. I had no idea what was going on and didn't figure it out until about a week or so later that it was a prayer given for intercession. A few weeks after that, our Pastor had members pray for the person next to us and because I'm so new with this, I really don't know how to pray that well so I prayed in the spirit for the lady next to me. As we were holding hands and I prayed in the spirit, I had an intense urge to raise my left hand in worship while I prayed and holding her hand with my right. I began to cry profusely but continued to pray in the spirit through it, while I did that (my eyes were closed so I didn't see what was going on around me), I felt my Pastor grab my forearm while I continued praying. I didn't stop nor was I startled. After we were done praying, virtue went out of me. I was so weak that I just flopped back in my chair and hardly moved the rest of the service. I went home and went straight to bed. I was weak and tired and slept for two days after. Now what I'm experiencing and have actually experienced all my life that I didn't know what it was, is travail. I feel other people's pain and have always been supersensitive but I've always felt that but never knew what it was or why I would cry so much but I have a bit more understanding now. Now on to my dream. I'm hoping someone would help me to interpret. I was speaking with another Pastor and when I told her about the dream, she received something in her spirit about it but would not share with me what it was. I have asked the Holy Spirit but I haven't gotten anything yet. I dreamt that I was living in a great big mansion and there were many windows in this house, like floor to ceiling windows. I went to the window and looked out and saw other similar mansions in the neighborhood. The look on my face was surprising. It seemed I was kinda in shock or amazed. The neighborhood though was not like what neighborhoods look like today. Each house was on a thick plot of green grass that was elevated off the ground, like almost like what the side of a hill looks like. When I looked outside, the neighboring mansions was on its own plot. There were no streets, it was a lot of green but no streets. Right outside, I saw I believe two houses on its own plot but these plots were like an iceberg, meaning it was still green but this green piece of earth was in the middle of a river. The waves were fierce and the plot of houses (I believe it was two houses) was swaying back and forth because of the flow of this fierce river. The River was short, it was like a very big pond right outside my house. Then the waves in the river pond calmed down and stopped and the houses ended up on the other side of the pond of the other end. That was it.

Thank you very much. Grace and Peace.

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Re: Mansions Floating on River

Post by GreatFulServant on Tue Jan 31, 2012 6:36 am

First off welcome to the forum and I think you will find it helpful with your dreams and you may be helpful to others with their dreams. Also I salute you and congratulate you for just recently coming into the kingdom of God. Sounds like God has His hand on you and is using you in intercessory prayer. You will be blessed. We all have an important part in God's plan but Intercessors are the ones that pave the way for the people who labor in the field and those who get ministered to by the laborers. They will and are playing a big role in these end times.

Just a few thoughts here on your dream. Just pray about it and see what the Lord says. As always we encourage people to take all things to the Lord and not take everything for face value that is written in the forum. The big mansion could be God giving you a taste of the heavenly mansions that He is building for all His saints in heaven, see the gospel of John chapter 14. Them being big is Him encouraging you that if you continue with His plan for you, you will have great rewards both here on earth and in heaven. The windows from ceiling to floor seems like He is saying that He will give you unhindered vision to look out and see the things of God the spiritual conditions of others. Having uncovered windows is like the veil being taken off and you with an open face can see the glory of God, see II Corinthians 3. The green grass underneath could represent that these mansions are built on top of a foundation that is full of the fruit of spirit see Galatians 5 and I Corinthians 13. Without having fruit in our life these mansions can not be built. In regards to the iceberg are you saying there was still green grass on them? I know to me an iceberg is kind of an ominous thing, makes me think of Matthew 24:13 "because of iniquity abounds the love of many shall wax cold" and the winds make me think of the storms of life that come to all people even those who do the will of God as in Matthew 7:24-27. It seemed like they weathered the storm and there was a calm and they move on (when they moved to another place on the pond.) Seems like the Lord is saying don't let your heart grow cold keep an intimate loving relationship with Him and His people (which is key to intercession) weather the storms that come and all will be calm.
With the experiences you have given earlier seems like the Lord has found Him another good soldier for the days to come. So I leave you with these verses.

2 Timothy 2:3-4

Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.
No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.

You might want to look up Ezekiel chapter 3 too.

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