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Amusement park

Post by Jazzy on Thu Jan 26, 2012 7:11 pm

I had a dream I was about to enter a club or concert. It was a big building, and there were ropes to keep the line in check. There was also a long line behind me. Once I got to the front of the line, the security guard had to check my ID like everyone elses. I had misplaced it because it wasn't in the right place of my wallet, but I had my old ID that had void on it so I gave it to him (in reality, I misplaced my bank card in my purse earlier that day and I was frantic!). Because it was void, the bodygaurd had to look in his computer system and verify my name and picture matched. They told me that my last name was different, so I quietly told the bodyguard I recently got married but I haven't changed my last name yet (in reality I want to wait until I graduate). I was quiet when I said that to the bodyguard because I didn't want my classmates to know I was married (our wedding was small and we plan to tell more people once my husband gets his green card, he's from another country so the whole situation was difficult to begin with. I usually don't dream about classmates either so that's interesting). Eventually I got in and I saw one of my classmates already inside. I was wondering how she got in before me. Anyways, I caught up with her and told her I was hungry. At this point the setting turned into an amusement park where all the food places are. I saw something like chikfila on the left but didn't have the taste for it. The next place I saw was like this racecar/speedway themed diner on the right so I decided to check that out and she came with me. We stood in line, and in the meantime I think she was talking to me. I can't remember but I felt kind of distracted. I bent down for something, and next thing I know I look up and I was next to order (I don't know why I wasn't paying attention to the line, maybe I was tying my shoe, but I definitely looked up before I noticed I was next). I was wondering why my classmate didn't order her food while I was preoccupied with what I was doing or even let me know I was next. She was just kind of standing there. Anyways once I got to the counter I asked what kind of food they sold, and I remember ordering some hot wings and something else. I stood to the side to wait for my food, and my classmate was sitting at a table. When my food was ready, I looked up and noticed that the worker handing me my food was staring hard in my face. He wasn't unattractive though and I remember he had charming eyes, but I could tell he was young. I remember him saying something silly like I like my wings hot, too. And in my head I thought, wow, that was stupid to say after staring at me like he had something more important to say. And then under his breath, he said gosh that was so stupid, and I could see him beating himself up about it lol! . I think he thought I was good-looking. He volunteered to bring my food out to the table and he took it to where my friend was sitting. The dream changed again and all of the sudden we were encased in this huge plastic ball that we could see out of. Another person who is a year ahead of us in school was in the ball with us too. Then this ball began to spin as it was attached to a pole, like a windmill. We went up into the air, and we began to notice the ball was rotating too as it spun like a windmill. We were wondering if it was going to go upside down, and it did! There were these handlebars overhead of us and we held on. But if we fell, we wouldn't get hurt because the ball was plastic, and sort of bouncy. Anyways, I held on because I didn't want to fall and tumble all over the place since the ball was rotating. I remember seeing the sky and a ray of the sun because it hurt my eyes. The other two people fell but were just rolling around, but I wanted to see if I could hold on. I remember thinking that I should act like its a workout and I should hold on as long as I could (In reality, I'm getting back into the workout routine. In one of my workouts, I was tired on the ellipticals but I kept pushing myself to go; I remember even citing Bible scriptures and the Lord's Prayer so I could have something to think about other than how hard it is to keep going). Eventually the ball came to a halt, and I was proud of myself for holding on the entire time. When I got down they were kind of looking at me like why'd you hold on the whole time. And that was the end.

Most people I saw in the dream (a few faces from the line outside the club/concert, girl walking with me, other guy inside the ball, but not the guy staring me down or bodyguard) were people from my fraternity. The girl that was with me most of the time sits beside me in class this semester actually, but we aren't close friends or anything. My other friend used to sit beside me last semester but it got too crowded for her on that side of the room.

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