Contiually trying to save my animals from my aunts cat!

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Contiually trying to save my animals from my aunts cat!

Post by steadygaze on Thu Jan 26, 2012 8:32 am

Hello and Blessings once again precious ones.


I was traveling with my aunt and she had my old Siamese cat I had gotten rid of. somehow my aunt ended up with it. My aunt is evil and so is her cat.I had a pure white cat that was very dear to me. "I do not have one IRL" Anyway I Also had this bird as well. As we were traveling my cat would not pay attention to what she was doing and she some how twisted her foot. Then we go to this hotel room and my white cat falls off the foot of the bed and hurts herself and she begins to bleed and I cannot figure out where the blood was coming from, so then I begin to pray for my cats healing because I knew she was in bad shape and I was deeply concerned About her because I loved her. My aunt just laid there and did not help me with my cat and acts as if she does not care at all. Then After I pray, I put my cat in her crate and then I go in the bathroom to clean up. As I come out of the bathroom my aunts cat is in my cats crate because she took the crate over and I am like what is this! Then I kick my aunts cat out of the crate and place mine in it. Again my aunt does not do anything she does not even care about what is going on, mean while I am dealing with all this chaos with her cat that is causing it. Then I am laying on the bed my aunt and I are sharing and my aunts cat goes after my bird, and the bird is flying around trying to get away from the cat. I try to reach my aunts cat from my bed, and I cannot reach it and I am afraid my aunts cat is going to kill my bird and I try to yell for help from my aunt and all of a sudden I have no voice and I kept trying to get my aunts attention. Finally something happens and the bird was fine. I get up the next morning and I see my aunts cat inside a very small bird cage and I am surprised the cat fit in it because the cat was huge.. I was like wow how in the world did you shrink to fit in there. I knew my aunt had shrunk the cat.

Any insight. This was an exhausting dream. lol

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Re: Contiually trying to save my animals from my aunts cat!

Post by Deborah on Wed Feb 01, 2012 8:07 pm

This is just a thought, okay? I think this dream is a warning not to cast your pearls before swine.

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