Forgot the water running in the bathtub and a flood

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Forgot the water running in the bathtub and a flood

Post by rosebush on Wed Jan 25, 2012 2:20 pm

In real life I had just reminded a spiritual friend when they correct a sheep to do so gently. I had a dream this afternoon that may relate --

I was in my mother's house in the old basement rec room. I was with a young woman who I see as having the gift of prophecy. She was speaking, don't remember what she was saying, but her face was bright and happy and shining like with the glory of God and I wished my own face looked like hers.

Then I look up at the ceiling and see water starting to seep through a place that looks like maybe the floor had already buckled from flooding. It is right where the basement light is. The basement light is not too bright. I tell my friend -- I had the water running in the bathtub and forgot it was running. I wanted to clean up the mess before my mother found out about it, cause I knew she would be mad. I knew my friend was going to help me clean up the mess.


I wonder if this isn't one of those dreams where I am in the shoes of the "other person." Is that called third person? Can't figure. My friend seems very contrite IRL and in the dream, if I was him in the dream.

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Re: Forgot the water running in the bathtub and a flood

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Thu Jan 26, 2012 12:28 am

Hi, Rose -

A good way to know if this dream is about you or if it's from your friend's perspective would be to ask yourself if it fits your life in any way. Also, if you have thoughts/feelings about something or act in a manner that is contrary to who you are, then it could be about someone else.

As for your dream, I'd look at the problem and see if it fits you at all. Basically, you were beginning to see the early stages of a nasty mess brought about by your neglect (in the dream!). Your feelings are also important - you wanted to get this cleaned up before any possibility of someone in authority finding represented by your mother.

If this doesn't line up with your circumstances, but you know (or have a good idea) that it fits your friend, then you're most likely being shown their situation through the dream. If that's the case...guess what? I'm inclined to say that you're the bright-faced friend that is willing to help clean up the mess - maybe with real-life help, or through prayer.

Just some thoughts!

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