Getting mentored by pastor paula white in a wedding dress

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Getting mentored by pastor paula white in a wedding dress

Post by Destine on Mon Jan 23, 2012 8:40 am

So, I had a dream of getting married, walking around in a house next door to my pastor's house, I was i my wedding dress, unpacking boxes. The next day, I was with Pastor Paula white, she was mentoring me, And preparing me to go on TBN with her for the next day. The house was filled with white and gold, we had gifts flown in from different designers, we had a ten safes full of gold coins and money, we had maids and different luxury cars, We had a stature fountain of the Lion & The lamb in front of our house.

Pastor Paula has taken over a church close to where I live, that was the end of my dream. In October 2008, I had a dream of being on TBN with Tyler (Sr. pastor's son) being interviewed by Pastor Paula, She asked me why I got in church ministry, I explained I helped Tyler's mom with a lot with her duties as the first lady. She asked him how he figured out about me being the one.. he began to speak.
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