Weird Celebrity Dream!!!

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Weird Celebrity Dream!!!

Post by owleyes7 on Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:07 pm

So, I had the strangest dream last January and it only recently has been brought to my rememberance! It's about a married celebrity couple named Beyonce and Jay Z. This dream definitely came randomly ( or so I thought). It's so weird because they've just recently had a child and the name that they chose was "Blue Ivy." The name triggered my rememberance of the dream, so maybe this dream wasn't as random as I thought.

Part 1
Me and my sis were outside of a warehouse peeking in on a photoshoot that Beyonce was having. While she was at the shoot we somehow knew that her husband (Jay Z) was calling her on her cellphone, but she wasn't answering. (It was like I just knew inside the dream what was going on. Weird...) We then see Both Jay Z and Beyonce come out of the warehouse looking around frantically for something on the ground. Me and my sis then finds a "BLUE" cellphone on the ground and realized that that was what they were probably looking for. We picked it up and gave it to them.

Part 2
There was an event going on and it was like a music awards show. There were these elevated seats in the middle of the room. They were just randomly in the middle of the room. Sittting in them was the popular girl group "Destiny's Child," which IRL was the group that Beyonce was lead singer of when I was a child. They were dressed in ALL red. It was a beautiful deep blood red. Ofcourse they stood out because of their pedestal-like seats in the middle of the room, but also because of the beautiful red garments that they were wearing.

Part 3
There's this talk show called the Wendy Williams show and in the dream Beyonce's mom was to be on it making her singing debut. She had decided that she wanted to be a singer and she wanted to have her first performance on his particular show. When she came out, she and her back up dancers were all dressed as clowns! I coudn't even tell that it was her because of the HORRIBLE costume. Needless to say, the performance was just as HORRIBLE.

Anywho, I find this dream strange because of the fact that Jay Z recently said in a song that before Beyonce had gotten pregnant with Blue Ivy (the new baby) she had had a miscarriage, so they were very afraid that the new baby (Blue) would be lost too! He actually said they had thought that they lost it (Blue) and they were up all night praying and when the doctor checked Beyonce he found the baby's heartbeat! Mind you I had this dream January 2011 and zi didn't know all of this until January 2012. holy moly Why in the world would I have a dream like this?!
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Re: Weird Celebrity Dream!!!

Post by ispeaktheword on Fri Jan 20, 2012 6:05 pm

Hi BrittanyIvory!

I've had a few dreams about Jay Z and Beyonce too. Sometimes we don't understand the dreams we dream or why we even have them. I've come to understand that sometimes the Lord allows us to see things in our dreams so that we can pray. When Daniel in the bible would have a dream that he didn't understand he would fast and pray for the understanding. I don't think we have to go to that extreme for these dreams lol!! But when you remember, just keep them in prayer. God knows what they need but places these people on our hearts to pray for them. Keep Kelly, Michelle and Mama Knowles in your prayers since they were all in your dream.

Just my thoughts..

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